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Debt-Credit Consolidation December 10, 2022


Monthly Income (after deductions)
Wages or Salary                                   $____________________
Allowance                                            $____________________
Child Support                                     $____________________
Scholarships/grants                             $____________________
Other                                                    $____________________
TOTAL INCOME           $____________________
Monthly Fixed Expenses
Rent or Mortgage                     $____________________
Cable TV                                  $____________________
Savings, regular                       $____________________
Emergency fund                       $____________________
(2 to 3 month’s income)
Retirement Savings                  $____________________
Installment Payments                $____________________
Other                                        $____________________
Monthly Flexible Expenses
Food                                        $____________________
Telephone                                $____________________
Gas                                          $____________________
Electricity                                 $____________________
Water and Sewer                      $____________________
Clothing                                   $____________________
Personal Care                           $____________________
Transportation                          $____________________
Gasoline                                  $____________________
Credit Card Payments               $____________________
Medical and Dental                   $____________________
Entertainment                          $____________________
Child Care                                $____________________
Contributions                           $____________________
Other                                        $____________________
Periodic Expenses
(not deducted from pay) $____________________
(car, health, home, life) $____________________
School Tuition                          $____________________
Maintenance                             $____________________
Vacation                                   $____________________
Memberships                           $____________________
Subscriptions                           $____________________
Gifts                                         $____________________
Credit Card Payments              $____________________
Other                                        $____________________
TOTAL EXPENSES                  $____________________
TOTAL INCOME                       $____________________
Subtract      TOTAL EXPENSES                    $____________________
BALANCE                                 $____________________


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